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Taiwan Ranks Second in Number of Patents per Capita2018/12/7
TIPO Announced Draft Amendment 2018 to Part of Patent Act Provisions2018/8/7
Patent Invalidation Hearing Plan Effective on March 31, 2018 2018/6/11
Ministry of Economic Affairs Scraps Provision in Regulations for Ratifying Extension of Patent Term Requiring Applicants to Provide Foreign Documents as Proof of Extension Approval2018/6/11
China Patents Shift Focus from Quantity to Quality2018/5/4
Valid Chinese Invention Patents Can Be Validated in Cambodia by Registration2018/5/4
China Plans to Impose Punitive Compensation Upon Patent Infringement2018/5/4
First Constitutional Interpretation on IP Matter: Current Law on Recusal of Technical Examination Officers Ruled Constitutional2018/5/2
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